Logitech ZeroTouch dock adds Amazon Alexa to your car

Alexa everywhere: ​You won't need to buy a new car to use Amazon Alexa from the driver seat.


Logitech on Tuesday announced a new car dock that adds Amazon Alexa over your Bluetooth speakers.

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When a handset is snapped into the ZeroTouch, the companion app is loaded automatically. The point here is to get your eyes on the road and off your phone.

The Alexa integration built in to Logitech's app can allow drivers to access more than 8,000 Alexa skills found on the Amazon Echo, as well as the ability to manage to-do lists, order products, and access IoT-enabled devices.

For example, you can ask Alexa to turn on your home's lights as you're pulling in the driveway, or you can ask it to remind you of a work project due.

Using your voice and hand gestures, the ZeroTouch also allows for hands-free ability to text, make and receive calls, navigate roads, find destinations and reviews, and control music.

Apple doesn't allow for this type of system access (in favor of CarPlay), locking ZeroTouch down for Android handsets.

The ZeroTouch is available in the US and UK starting at $59 for the vent model and $79 for the dashboard model.

Amazon has been working with hardware manufacturers to add Alexa to as many devices as possible. It allows OEMs to access a full AI assistant and developers on the cheap. They're taking advantage of it, as we saw at CES 2017 in January.

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