Look3D unveils stylish collection of 3D-ready glasses

Look3D has designed a quartet of eyewear collections that will have people watching 3D movies in style.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Maybe wearing 3D glasses won't look so geeky looking after all. Look3D has developed a quartet of eyewear collections that will have you watching that 3D version of Avatar in style.

Looking more hipster than something you'd find inside a 1980s cereal box, the Look3D digital glasses come in a variety of styles. So you have your pick from classic aviators, a modern-take on the movie house version of 3D glasses or some other funky designs. Some of them are so lightly tinted that it's hard to tell they're 3D-ready at all.

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Glasses are covered by a six to twelve-month warranty, depending on the pair you pick up. Each set of frames can also be customized with a prescription (for an extra fee), and each pair is RealD-certified for the 3D viewing experience, either on a 3D HDTV or movie screen.

As 3D movies continue to make their way into the theaters and then into our homes on DVD/Blu-ray, it might make sense to invest in your own pair of 3D glasses - especially if you're a germaphobe. Plus, why not spend more on a pair that is attractive and you don't feel silly wearing?

However, this is all said before pricing on these fancy spectacles has been announced, so we'll have to wait and see with these.

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