Lost your keys? Find missing items with Wireless Sensor Tags

Keep a close eye on all your belongings with Cao Gadget's Wireless Sensor Tags.
Written by Sarah Korones, Contributor

Can't leave the house without first embarking on a room-to-room search for your keys?

California-based Cao Gadgets seems to understand that those all-too-frequent hunts for the remote, the car keys, or the cell phone are common human experiences. The company recently debuted their aptly named Wireless Sensor Tags to help people find their misplaced goods and to alert them about possible theft.

Using magnetometers, temperature thresholds and a red LED light coupled with an alarm that can be remotely triggered, these somewhat-bulky sensors can alert users as to when their stuff has been stolen, is being tampered with, or is merely buried deep within two couch cushions.

The $15 sensors (or $12 if you buy three or more) must be connected to the Tag Manager hub, a small white box that connects to a router via Ethernet. The manager keeps in contact with all of its sensors (it can handle up to 225 of the tiny circuit boards) that are situated within a 200-foot range.

When something with a sensor tag is moving that shouldn’t be (indicating a possible theft), the Tag Manager can send a warning to Android or iOS apps or it can transmit an alert through email, Twitter or push notifications. If you’re simply looking for a misplaced item, you can trigger one of the sensor’s built-in beepers.

The device can be as sensitive or relaxed as the user desires, either letting users know of the exact moment when their jewelry has been tampered with or allowing for some flexibility.

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Image: Cao Gadgets

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