Lovebug virus was no accident say experts

Experts say ILOVEYOU was no accident
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

Claims that the ILoveYou virus was released by accident prior to causing mayhem on computers worldwide, are highly unlikely according to virus experts Wednesday.

One of the main suspects in the ILoveYou virus investigation last week told investigators he might have accidentally released the virus into the wild. But it takes a malevolent streak to free a virus says Ian McManus technical manager of Panda Anti-Virus. "I would be loath to say that it was an accident. The only ones that get out are ones where the people behind them seem to be malicious."

Paul Duckin of British anti-virus firm Sophos says that it is up to computer investigators to prove who is responsible for the virus. "A lot depends on forensics. In a case like this it always depends on that," he says.

Ignorance, adds Ducklin, is no excuse. "Saying that you did write and release it, but at the same time saying you didn't know how much damage it would cause, doesn't work That has been shown with Melissa."

It seems that most of the world is still reeling from the shock of the cutely and seductively named ILOVEYOU virus. Go with Peter Coffee to AnchorDesk UK and read the news comment to find out how easy it was and the perils that lie ahead.

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