LulzSec 'spokesperson' arrested by Scotland Yard

'Topiary', one of the spokespeople for hacktivist group LulzSec, has been arrested in Scotland, police in London confirm.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

The spokesperson of LulzSec, the group behind a series of high profile hacks in the past few months, has been arrested by police.

In a statement by the Metropolitan Police in London, a 19-year-old known as 'Topiary' was arrested at an address in the Shetland Islands, north of Scotland.


According to the statement issued by Scotland Yard, a residential address in the Shetlands is being searched. Another teenager in Lincolnshire, in the east of England, is being questioned under police caution, though has not been arrested.

'Topiary', real name unknown, is currently being transported from the Shetlands to a police station in London, where is expected to be charged with offenses related to cybercrime, hacking and network intrusions.

Believed to have been behind the Twitter account @LulzSec, there has been no update to the stream in over six hours at time of publication.

Last month, LulzSec announced that it would disband after fifty days of high profile hacks. It was only a few days after 'AntiSec', an operation named in response to poor security by high profile targets, was announced.

LulzSec and 4chan inspired group Anonymous have since joined forces to carry on the AntiSec movement.

This comes on the day that both LulzSec and Anonymous call upon their followers to boycott PayPalin response to its refusal to release funds relating to the ongoing Wikileaks trial.

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