Lumen and Garmin announce second phase of data integration partnership

Health and activity data from Garmin will be combined with the metabolic data from the Lumen device and app.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Fitness and healthcare platforms Garmin and Lumen have unveiled the next phase of their partnership, announcing further integration of health and activity data from Garmin with the metabolic data that comes from the Lumen device and app.

This is the second phase of a partnership between the two companies, and a research team at Lumen said in a press release that Garmin users are calibrating their fitness routines with their metabolisms. 

The two companies have been integrating their services for three months and data shows Garmin users checked their metabolism measurements more than 11,000 times after workouts. Other data proved that users were adjusting their workouts based on what they saw from metabolism measurements and making specific changes to get the results they wanted.

Barak Alon, head of data at Lumen, said 70% of users had "shifted to burning fat as a fuel source following their workout" and added that compared to the average user, people using both tools worked out 15% longer, fasted, and woke up in fat burn 10% more, and took 18% more daily steps. 

"We see that Garmin users who measure their metabolism with Lumen become smarter athletes because they get metabolic feedback in real time on their wrist after workouts. In phase 2, users can connect their metabolism to Garmin's Body Battery energy monitoring feature to optimize their workout readiness with the right nutrition," Alon said. 

Garmin and Lumen first integrated their products in November 2020. The latest phase will allow Garmin users to "directly correlate their Body Battery, heart rate, and workout to see how well their body shifts from carbs to fats as a fuel source."

Lumen said it is working with San Francisco State University to validate their product's ability to identify "changes in metabolic fuel utilization in a comparable manner with a laboratory standard metabolic cart."

Travis Johnson, global product lead for Garmin Health, said nutritious diets are "as essential as your workout routine, whether you're just getting started on your fitness journey or training for a triathlon."

"The combination of real-time metabolic data from Lumen and biometric data from Garmin is a powerful tool that lets you make informed decisions about how to fuel your body and achieve your fitness goals faster," he explained.

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