Maana's new partnership brings intelligent chatbots to speed up enterprise workflow

Improve the daily decision-making process at work and optimize your workflow by interacting with industrial chatbots.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Chatbots are fast becoming one of the pillars of artificial intelligence. In both internal and external communications, chatbots are becoming more accurate, consistent, scalable, and cost effective than humans.

In the enterprise, chatbots are now being used to improve workflow, and asset optimisation joining up data from across the organisation.

Palo Alto-based Maana has partnered with New York-based chatbot technology company exClone Inc to bring specialised chatbots to its enterprise knowledge technology platform.

Maana's knowledge platform crawls, indexes, classifies, and correlates data from silos to create a knowledge structure of data that might have been unknown to the enterprise.

The platform encodes human expertise and data into 'digital knowledge' which enables technologists to build models that provide recommendations to asset operations and workflows.

To make the decision-making process, the interface allows users to interact with the system in the most natural way possible.

Cultivating human-machine dialogs during decision making can improve productivity and accuracy and can unearth connections between disparate corporate data silos.

The integration of the exClone interface with Maana's knowledge platform is intended to enable experts to extract knowledge from data silos.

The chatbot technology is comprised of machine learning, and artificial intelligence to absorb knowledge, and to turn it into a dialogue.

The company refers to this process as the "digital cloning" of human expertise. Its online assistants on its cloning platform do not need any coding to implement.

The partnership introduces chatbots to bring 'short-term conversational memory' to the interaction. The company says that this integration increases precision in providing answers to questions and can communicate in more human-like ways.

Donald Thompson, founder and president, Maana said:"Humanizing the problem-solving process by making it easier for subject-matter experts to understand the interdependencies that stitch the enterprise together is of the utmost importance when optimizing assets and decision flows.

The combination of Enterprise Knowledge Technology, which brings knowledge and reasoning into the hands of subject-matter experts; and exClone's intelligent chatbots, which enable experts to interact with digital knowledge using familiar dialogue patterns, will make digital transformation a widespread reality."

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