Mac OS X Lion causes problems for Adobe users

Users of Adobe software that have upgraded to Mac OS X Lion are reporting issues with a variety of Adobe products, resulting in reduced functionality, and in some cases complete malfunction
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

Adobe has warned its Apple users that upgrading their systems to Mac OS X version 10.7, Lion, may cause problems.

The California-based company posted details of the known issues, which affect Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash and Illustrator among other Adobe products, on its website on Thursday.

The company said there were some general problems with non-specific Adobe products when being used in Mac OS X 10.7, such as the Java runtime needing to be manually re-installed. Adobe also noted that the system resume feature — "Restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps" — of Mac OS X Lion is not currently supported by Adobe software.

"This feature requires new code in order to work properly, Adobe will research adding this functionality for inclusion in future versions of our products," the company said in an announcement.

Additionally, the new operating system also hides the user library until it is manually re-enabled, so users cannot find their working files.

Specific problems range from minor, such as the Dreamweaver CS4 colour picker not functioning correctly, to the more serious, such as Flash Builder 4 not functioning at all. Adobe also recommends that Flash Builder 4.5 users do not update to Mac OS X Lion due to issues that "may degrade the user experience or affect use of the product".

Many users reported a range of different problems in Adobe's online forums.

"Yesterday I installed OS X Lion on my iMac, and now my eyedropper tool in Flash is not working, and it is force-quitting about every 10 minutes. This is NOT good at all for me," said user Bibliophile83 on the Adobe forum.

"I upgraded to Lion today and have been going through my apps to see what works and what doesn't and unfortunately Premiere Pro CS 5.5 is crashing almost immediately on launch. I have already looked at the Adobe Lion FAQ, and my Java has been updated so it is not that," Jonah Lee wrote.

Adobe had not responded to a request for comment at the time of writing.

Adobe has a chequered history with Apple, with the two companies trading blows in the past over Apple's decision not to allow the Flash platform onto the Apple iOS operating system.

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