Macau ISP conducts real-time virus scans

Using Trend Micro technology, CyberCTM will carry out real-time scanning of its subscribers' e-mail traffic, cleaning viruses that hide in e-mail messages and attachments
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CTM Virus-scanned E-mail moves the primary line of defense from the desktop out to the Internet gateway, where e-mail content and attachments are scanned and cleaned at CTM's servers.

MACAU - Internet users in Macau will receive round-the-clock protection from potentially devastating e-mail-borne viruses, thanks to an agreement between CyberCTM, the territory's major Internet Service Provider, and Trend Micro Inc., a supplier of antivirus and Internet content security software.

Using Trend Micro technology, CyberCTM will carry out continuous, real-time scanning of its subscribers' Internet mail traffic, catching and cleaning viruses and other forms of malicious mobile code that hide in e-mail messages and attachments.

CyberCTM's e-mail scanning service is now being offered free of charge to all dial-up and broadband subscribers.

The service relies on Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall gateway scanning software.

When a virus is discovered, the infected file will be cleaned and sent on to the subscriber. If removing the virus is not possible, the file will be deleted. In either case, a message is sent to inform the subscriber of the infected mail.

The service does not require any installation or maintenance by subscribers. Pattern files are distributed by CyberCTM on a regular basis and installed transparently to the subscriber.

In the instance of a virus outbreak, Trend Micro will provide emergency support to ensure that CyberCTM customers will have the most up-to-date virus protection available.

The partnership with Trend Micro also makes CyberCTM the latest service provider to join the eDoctor Global Network, a group of ISPs, ASPs and telcos which use Trend Micro technology to provide content security services to their clients.

Qwest, MCI Worldcom, Sprint, PSINet, BT, NTT, Telstra, Pilot and USi are among the other service providers in this network.

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