MacTech announces BootCamp II seminar schedule

The spring will see the return of MacTech's series of single-day seminars aimed at consultants supporting SOHO and SMB sites.
Written by David Morgenstern, Contributor

Dubbed BootCamp II in 2013, MacTech's BootCamp seminars will startup again in March. The single-day events are aimed at improving the skills of consultants supporting Macs in SOHO and SMB environments. The company said that the curriculum has been revamped to accommodate newbies and returning attendees.

While some of the sessions will take aim at security, networking and integraion issues as well as the deployment of Macs in a business, other sessions will look at improving the consultancy skills of Apple Consultants.

The cost is $495, but for the first ten registrations the cost will be $199.

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MacTech is expanding its seminars into new ground. At CES next week in Las Vegas, the company will offer MacTech Insight: Your Expert Peek Inside the Apple Market, a CES conference track that explains Apple technologies to a non-IT audience. The sessions will include Apple cloud, storage and Windows integration technologies, and a range of Apple's consumer and business solutions, including mobile device management and Apple content management.

The speakers are all very-experienced Mac consultants with decades of practical, real-world knowledge of Apple product values and the ins and outs of integration.

Years ago, I worked at several hardware startups in the Silicon Valley and spent weeks toiling in tradeshow booths in Las Vegas at shows such as Comdex. CES is the last show standing. I recall that many CEOs and investors would drive up for the day from Los Angeles to look around the floor, ask questions about products and technologies, and then catch a headliner show at one of the theaters in the resort/casinos.

Back in the days, CES and the Macworld Expo schedules overlapped. People with interests in the Apple market went to San Francisco and those focused on video content went to Las Vegas. Now, the forthcoming Macworld/iWorld show is at the end of January, not the beginning, and there's no scheduling conflict.

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