Madasafish going ahead with ADSL roll out this month

Despite delays, one ISP is promising ADSL services this month
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

One ISP -- madasafish -- is to go ahead with ADSL roll out this month despite BT's delays, it claims Monday.

News that BT is delaying roll out until late August or early September has come as a surprise to iomart -- owners of madasafish -- which confesses it is bemused by the telco's excuses. BT claims it needs more time to "flood test" the system and blames ISPs for not providing enough trialists.

"I cannot believe it is down to ISPs. We have a waiting list of thousands and all ISPs are going to be fighting in terms of getting more people. We could certainly provide more than we have been allocated by BT," says ADSL product manager for iomart Phil Worms.

As far as he is concerned the launch is going ahead as planned for the third week in July. "BT hasn't said otherwise and unless it reneges on its contract it is going ahead," says Worms. The service will be the same as BTopenworld's offering and will be priced at £39.99 per month.

According to Worms the service will improve when the local loop is unbundled in July 2001. "The services we offer will change when we are in the position to manage our own destiny. Either we will add more services or the price will fall," he says.

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