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Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

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    Story: Creative to build MP3 player

    I have become a huge bore at work in declaring how great the MP3 format is. It, essentially, is no different to recording your favourite songs on cassette... And everybody does that!!! Everybody tapes their favourite programs to play at their convenience!!! MP3 is no different, except it has a small size factor that makes it convenient for, well, le's face it it... Doing what the hell you want to do with it! Same as cassette copy really...

    I agree that the Artistes need protecting for their copyright contribution. But, as an Artiste myself I know that deep down it is far, far more important that your work is heard or seen... It is only scumbag pop merchants who are comlaining! I have yet to see a genuine artiste complain about MP3, or any issue about protection... They are not selling a commodity, they are producing ART for people to hear and enjoy. It is only when the record companies get hold of them and their agents that they become politicians and shitheads.

    I feel the same when I'm told I can't take a picture of this "work of art"... As if my Polaroid (TM) can damage or compete with the original!!!

    Industry or Art? The pop charts are full of the Industry... No-one is MP3'ing that crap. What does get copied are deeply loved music tracks that the bleeding record companies do not even think are worth making available!!

    Take a look at how you might get hold of the best album Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys ever did!!! "Surf's Up"... Unavailable!!!! You cannot get hold of it. Plenty of compilations of "Surf's great" crap, but their masterpice? No chance...

    Yeah, let's have faith in the record industry! It has SO much faith in the artistes they sell...

    No chance. And, you can't stop it. They have to fix their attitude. They are the one's with the problem. Greedy bastards. This is from the heart. Sorry I've blabbed on..

    You're right. The format isn't the enemy... The record industry is.

    I've been trying to get hold of the best album the Beach Boys ever made, "Surf's Up" on CD. Not available. Full stop. You simply cannot trust great music in the hands of the marketeers!!!

    I bought it on tape inthe 70's, but I promise, if I find it available on MP3 I will go for it! The music industry won't sell it to me!!! Is that piracy????


    Story: Loot exposed as tool for software pirates

    You've got to be kidding. Why would somebody pay for pirated software, when pirated software is free? Oh yeah, Photoshop? Last time I checked that was how much? Hmmmm.. Oh, Yeah, it was free. I just don't get the point.

    Rich Kraft

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