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    Story: Dated recruitment hobbles UK IT growth

    Dear Editor

    Your piece on recruitment is both good and bad. You are correct in saying that the processes are dismal.

    You miss the mark by suggesting that appointing a single recruitment consultancy is a good idea. IT agencies do not employ the smartest people in the world. They typically cannot tell the difference between Office 2000 and Gateway 2000. Single supplier agreements are daft. Suppliers like them, and you can work out why. If a supplier has a monopoly on your business will they try to raise margins ? Will they get complacent ?


    Story: UK joins in free (erm, nearly) PC giveaway

    Dear Editor

    A browsing computer for £299. Specs aren't too awful but you must be joking! How are people supposed to browse effectively with 32 Mb RAM (unless they don't use win95/98/NT of course). If you want to supply a usable browser I'd say double that at least!

    Nick Henriquez

    Story: as above

    Damn right £299 is too much, free means free, anyone can go out and buy that sort of spec PC for £299 anyway, if they cant, I'll build em one!!

    Dave Healey

    Story: as above

    Dear Editor

    Most definitely too much, anybody looking for free access will have a PC already, more than likely, so why get another which is Obsolete stock being flogged off cheap. having a quick look around you can buy the bits for £50 less anyway.

    Just my opinion, from an Internet user who pays for access...

    Mike Clift

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