Making America strong - one family at a time

An innovative pilot program at the Department of Family Security: using GPS tracking, credit card transactions, data mining and massive storage, they can warn you that your marriage is in trouble.
Written by Robin Harris, Contributor

Welcome to the surveillance society Nice to see the government use latest technology for the common good. I refer, of course, to an innovative pilot program here in Arizona run by the Department of Family Security.

With a mashup of car GPS speed and location tracking, credit card transactions, data mining and cheap massive storage, our innovative government has created a great new tool. I had no idea how great until I received this letter:

Department of Family Security Behavioral Analysis Division Prediction and Notification Program Phoenix, AZ

April 1, 2011

Dear Mr. Harris,

Pursuant to the provisions of the Arizona Defense of Family Act, the Super-PATRIOT Act, the Eyes-on-the-Road Safe Driving Act, the Arizona Family Self-Reliance Act and the Personal Security Act, we are pleased to send you a Notice of Significant Family Behavior Change (NSFBC).

The NSFBC is designed to alert you to changes in the behavior of family members. Please use this information for a caring discussion with family member(s).

Family Member Name: CHRISTINE F. HARRIS Family Member Relationship: Wife

Summary of Behavioral Change(s):

  • Financial:
    • 6 instances of afternoon drinks at the Black Rock Bar and Grill
    • 5 charges at the Lazy Bear Motel 1/22/11, 2/07/11, 2/22/11, 3/11/11 and 3/29/11.

  • Transportation:
    • 4 MPH Average Urban Speed Increase during afternoon drive times, resulting in $214 in Excess Speed Charges.

  • Communications:
    • Cell phone calls at the Lazy Bear Motel 1/22/07, 2/07/07, 2/22/07, 3/11/17 and 3/29/07.

  • Association:
    • Mr. STEVEN D. CLARK, tennis pro at the Oak Valley Country Club, is the only individual whose financial, travel and communications patterns are known to match those of CHRISTINE FORD HARRIS at this time.

  • Terrorist Plot Threat Rating:
    • LOW.

DFS/BAD reminds you that this information only suggests significant behavioral change(s). You are encouraged to open a respectful dialogue with the family member(s) to understand the the reasons for change(s). Work-related behavior changes are common and no cause for alarm. It is unlikely your wife is a terrorist.

Based on DFS statistical profiling a Notice of Potential Domestic Dispute has been filed with local law enforcement. A list of faith-based and secular counseling services has been attached for your convenience.

Our goal at the Department of Family Security is to help you build a strong family unit. For more information please see our website at DEFSEC.AZ.GOV.


(s)Elden Ebbish Family Security Officer “DFS - Helping Make Arizona Strong - One Family At A Time”

I can’t tell you how pleased I am Because I’m not sure if I’m pleased or not. But at least DFS “gets it” when it comes to creating a total information awareness web using every tool at their disposal to build a better America. If only every government program were as forward looking and technologically astute.

Comments welcome, of course. And a happy April 1st to you.

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