Mallika Chopra – Powering Wellness and Being a Friend

Written by Vince Thompson, Contributing Editor

In the fall of last year I conducted an interview for BNET with Mallika Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra, an accomplished author and the founder of Intent.com. In the days since our interview, Intent.com, Mallika's social media wellness network, has continued to flourish as it has brought like-minded people together to share content, resources and connections. All of this with goal of bettering peoples lives.

Among Mallika's many relationships with celebrities and extraordinary contributors to society was a very close one with Michael Jackson and members of his inner circle. With the tragic loss of Michael Jackson and the swirl of media and zealous opportunists, Mallika has been blogging to share her love, perspective and to set the record straight.

To get a sense of her, the story of Intent.com, and the great place she comes from I’m posting our interview.


If you have an interest in knowing more about her relationship and perspective on Michael, you can visit her blog on Intent.com as well.

Mallika's Blog


Explore the Intent Community Talking About Michael Jackson

Mallika on Twitter

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