Man steals judge's nameplate, posts on Facebook, gets arrested

First, Steven Mulhall stole Judge Michael Orlando's nameplate. Next, he posted a picture of himself with it on his girlfriend's Facebook profile. Lastly, someone noticed and tipped off the police.
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

21-year-old Steven Mulhall was arrested Thursday on violation of probation charges. He was on probation for multiple petty theft charges. He violated his probation via… you guessed it, a petty theft charge. He went to jail. He was bonded out. He now faces felony charges.

Mulhall didn't just steal some trivial small item from some random person, according to the Probable Cause Affidavit cited by CBS Miami. On February 23, 2012, he pried the $40 nameplate from the courtroom door of Broward Circuit Judge Michael Orlando. Authorities received a tip that Mulhall took the nameplate, and that a photo of him showing it off (pictured right) could be found on Natalie Segura's, his girlfriend's, Facebook profile. They then checked to make sure that he had appeared before Judge Orlando on the day of the theft.

Segura doesn't seem pleased that her boyfriend got arrested. Here are some quotes from her Facebook profile (Natalie ComaToze Segura) about the incident:

F*** this mess ... I smell blood ; I DON'T GIVE A F*** - keep givinn them helllll ;) The dramas just been greater .. It ain't my fault bt trouble just seems to follow mee ; lord will you help mee ? I try so hard, knt seem to stay away 4rm misery .. Waitin for the day you come & rescue mee "/ F*** TROLL ; Free my motherfucking lifee or i swear to fucking god i will do the impossible to make you pigs PERSONALLY deliver him baqk to mee - i put tht on everything !

Mulhall has his own Facebook profile (Coma Toze), which his girlfriend seems to use as much as he does:

Free Coma ; I need you back babee. I need you hereee, I promise i'm going to do the impossible to get you baqk, even if tht means building a f***in tunnel in your cell & tunning you out - make a whole new episode of prison break even ; idgaf .. just come homee ? i love youuuuu can't really tlk about it .. bt its a felony chargee & hes now in the waiting room waiting to get in touch with the judge ; were hoping for a bond its basically a figment of f***ing trolls imagination tht they wanna pin on him like usual I love natalie f*** the news 1 time I love @natalie comatoze segura ftp im innocent until proven guilty .. Any type of contact you want with her, contact me .. She cant log on

Authorities got the nameplate, and it has been returned to the judge.

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