Managed Print Services LinkedIn Group Hits 1,000+

Is it time to connect with no regret? Check this out.
Written by Doc , Contributor

Is it time to connect with no regret? Check this out. This week the Photizo Group announced the Managed Print Services LinkedIn Group has passed the 1,000-member milestone. Since the community began in January 2009, the group has grown steadily and gained attention as a forum to share industry insights, job postings, discussions, and news related to Managed Print Services. In addition, the new Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) has selected the Managed Print Services Group on LinkedIn as its platform for communicating with the industry.

What the Photizo Group started as a LinkedIn group has morphed into a larger industry community spanning a wide cross section of the industry. The Managed Print Services Group is open to vendors, customers, resellers and dealers, and others with a desire to learn more about MPS practices and opportunities.

“We recognized the need for a dynamic, immediate forum for discussions and sharing best practices, and this group was established to facilitate that within the Managed Print Services community. The LinkedIn format is ideal for reaching and interacting with a diverse group of professionals who share a common interest,” said Ed Crowley, Founder and Senior Partner of the Photizo Group. “We’ve grown faster than many LinkedIn groups, but that doesn’t surprise me. MPS is rapidly gaining attention and adoption as a real way for businesses of all sizes to be more productive and cost-effective. Depending on where a company is in the MPS Adoption Cycle, the type of information required changes, but the need for it doesn’t. The tremendous growth of this community is validation of the demand for MPS information and ideas. It also shows that MPS is quickly becoming an industry in its own right. The exceptional attendance at the recent MPS Conference confirms this, too.”

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