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Master the world's top programming languages with this $40 lifetime pass to Learnable

Learn C#, C++, PHP, Java, SQL, and more with Learnable.

Learning how to code is most often associated with wanting to land a hot job in tech.

But the truth is that learning how to code is important even if you're not primarily interested in a starting a full-time development career. Understanding the basic principles of programming and the fundamentals of the world's most popular coding languages will give you a leg up over the competition in a growing number of fields. And online educational platforms like Learnable make it surprisingly easy to learn multiple programming languages at your own pace.

Regardless of whether you're interested in becoming a full-time web developer or simply want to enhance your analytical skills or embrace your inner engineer, Learnable will help you reach your goals through a series of handpicked courses on everything from C# and C++ to PHP, Java, SQL, and beyond.

Unlike most programming courses that either require you to have a background in coding or expect you to invest exorbitant amounts of time and money on your education, Learnable streamlines the entire process and gives you a full education that fits your experience and goals.

Learnable: Lifetime subscription deal


Don't get left behind in an increasingly analytical world just because programming languages seem intimidating and time-consuming. Learnable demystifies and simplifies the process of learning the world's most important and relied-upon programming languages and tools, and a lifetime subscription is on sale right now for just $39.99 -- over 70% off its usual price.

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Through short, easy-to-follow lessons that can be accessed on all of your devices at any time, you'll be able to sidestep the monotonous and intimidating coding instruction that keeps so many potential-programmers from reaching their goals. Instead, you'll dive right into lessons that utilize real-world examples.

Compatible with iOS and Android platforms, this subscription grants you lifetime access to a massive trove of instructional material. You'll learn to build engaging websites using C# and Java, original apps that can be used to solve a plethora of problems using C++ and Swift, analytical tools that will help you gain valuable insights from large sets of data using SQL and PHP, and more.

Each lesson has been hand-crafted to ensure that you actually retain the new information you learn, and there's a study planner that will help you to both brush up on your new skills and prepare your notes for an interview.

You'll be able to earn progress points and badges as you go in order to stay motivated, and it's even easy to stay relaxed and focussed while you learn thanks to Learnable's built-in meditation app.