McAfee's updated cloud security platform focuses on preventing data loss

McAfee steps up its cloud computing security platform to ease the worries of businesses afraid of moving to the cloud.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

While many businesses cite security as a reason for not moving to the cloud yet, McAfee has updated its cloud security suite to target this demographic.

Boasted as the "only single content-aware platform," the McAfee Cloud Security Platform is designed to secure all primary channels of traffic, meaning email, web and authentication.

Here's a rundown on the new features included in the latest update:

  • McAfee Cloud Identity Manager: Expands integration with SAML aware and traditional log-in cloud applications. Designed to provide ease of use with an SSO Portal for centralized, seamless access.
  • McAfee Data Loss Prevention: Safeguards information while moving it to the cloud. Companies can leverage their existing on-premise or cloud infrastructures for faster categorization and remediation of data across hundreds of servers and thousands of file shares.
  • McAfee Email Gateway (version 7.0): Offers new advanced encryption features, including push and pull, and the ability to view encrypted messages from mobile devices.
  • McAfee Web Gateway (version 7.1.6): Includes enhanced features to limit corporate liability and exposure, and enforce corporate Web usage policies for increased security.

The platform can be deployed as an on-premise appliance, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or as a hybrid solution of these two options.


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