McKinsey & Media Metrix forge Net research alliance

New York, Feb 8 (PRNewswire-AsiaNet) - McKinsey & Company, the globalmanagement consulting firm, and Media Metrix (Nasdaq: MMXI), the leader inInternet and Digital Media audience measurement, today announced a strategicresearch alliance to develop a deep understanding of online consumer behaviorand its implications for e-businesses.
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New York, Feb 8 (PRNewswire-AsiaNet) - McKinsey & Company, the global management consulting firm, and Media Metrix (Nasdaq: MMXI), the leader in Internet and Digital Media audience measurement, today announced a strategic research alliance to develop a deep understanding of online consumer behavior and its implications for e-businesses.

Combining McKinsey's in-depth marketing and e-business expertise with Media Metrix' leadership position in online audience measurement, the new alliance will bring powerful insights into the e-consumer to help executives build, grow and market stronger e-businesses.

Through the alliance, McKinsey will be able to leverage Media Metrix' comprehensive database of actual online usage, further supporting clients across the full spectrum of developing sustainable e-business models. Media Metrix will gain an even deeper understanding of online behavior and trends, strengthening its ability to meet clients' information requirements.

"This catapults e-commerce marketing knowledge into a whole new realm of sophistication," said John Forsyth, Principal and co-leader of McKinsey's e-Marketing Practice. "With more than 1,400 new Web sites launched monthly, Internet businesses are struggling to differentiate themselves, and we've found that too many companies are merely guessing at what consumers are actually doing online," he added.

"By pairing Media Metrix' vast resource of true consumer online behavior data with our experience in understanding consumer needs and branding, McKinsey strengthens its position as a unique consulting resource for e-businesses," Mr. Forsyth said.

"While our research clearly shows increased Internet usage, there is tremendous opportunity to further analyze and leverage Media Metrix click stream data to help our clients understand every nuance of what people are doing online," said Mary Ann Packo, President and COO of Media Metrix. "Media Metrix' alliance with McKinsey further strengthens our company's mandate to support the growth of Internet advertising, marketing and e-commerce worldwide."

In addition to supporting client research initiatives, the alliance will actively study the burgeoning online world, periodically releasing findings to the public. About McKinsey & Company McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm with 81 offices in 42 countries that advises companies on strategic, operational, organizational and technological issues.

In recent years, McKinsey has adapted its services to meet the needs of emerging Internet businesses, applying its experience in key marketing disciplines, including branding, customer relationship marketing and multi-channel management, to help clients create sustainable, high-growth e-businesses. McKinsey empowers companies to be e-commerce innovators by combining leading-edge insights with deep, experience-based knowledge of markets and industries.

About Media Metrix
Media Metrix, Inc., the leader and pioneer in Internet and digital media measurement, is the industry's source for the most comprehensive, reliable, and timely audience ratings, e-commerce, advertising -- through its AdRelevance division -- and technology measurement services. Media Metrix provides leading advertising agencies, new and traditional media companies, e-commerce marketers, financial services companies and technology companies with comprehensive coverage of all digital media (including more than 21,000 Web sites and online properties). Media Metrix utilizes its patented metering methodology to measure actual Internet and Digital Media audience usage behavior in real-time with its recruited sample of more than 70,000 registered participants under measurement worldwide. Media Metrix has global operations in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S.

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