Meducation SMART app could be a lifesaver

Could this application save a life?
Written by Stacy Lipson, Contributor

Now more than ever, iPhone app developers are offering iPhone applications that will improve patient safety. Polyglot Systems created the Meducation SMART app, which calculates medication lists and offers patients the ability to print and view medication instructions for prescription medications in a dozen languages.

A press release from Children's Hospital in Boston stated:

The Meducation SMART app, designed by Polyglot Systems, Inc. – a health IT company with a focus on improving care and access for underserved patient populations – provides multilingual, patient-friendly instructions for medications listed in a physician's electronic medical record or the personally controlled health record of a patient. The app uses the SMART programming interface to obtain the medication list and then links out to a drug information database, which facilitates the generation of simplified medication instructions for patients.

In an interview with SmartPlanet, Kenneth Mandl, MD, of the Children's Hospital Informatics Program and Harvard Medical School, said that the Meducation SMART App provides patients with better healthcare.

The Meducation SMART app was the winner in the SMART Platform Apps challenge, which asked developers to create applications with an electronic medical record (EMT) component or personally controlled health record (PCHR) component.

"It adds real value to the patient's medication list by providing patient-friendly education about the medication, dosing and side effects," said Mandl. Mandl also said that the Meducation SMART App received a $5000 prize.

In a press release, Mandl said:

"Current-stage EMRs decide if, when, and how you will view the data trapped in their systems," said Mandl.

"The SMART Platform Apps Challenge was designed to demonstrate what can happen when electronic health information becomes liberated and can be readily consumed by computer applications."

The SMART platform was sponsored from a grant from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).

Image: via Meducation/Children's Hospital Boston

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