MeeGo Day1 release adds glitz and functionality to OS

The operating system's significant upgrade should enable swifter development on the platform, headed towards its scheduled version 1.1 release
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

A developer preview release of the MeeGo operating system adds significant enhancements to the core OS and marks the completion of the merger between the Moblin and Maemo platforms.

The Day1 release, announced on Wednesday, builds upon the core OS available to developers since March by adding significant "look and feel assets" as well as a host of vital mobile applications, according to a statement from the MeeGo project on its website.

New additions include a core handset dialler and SMS application, as well as MeeGo Handset Photos and MeeGo Handset People — the platform's photo viewer and phone book management systems. Developers also now have access to the handset reference UI which brings Status Bar icons and notifications, alongside a home screen, lock screen and application launcher. The Qt-based mobile version of Firefox is also bundled with MeeGo version

The project website warns that at this stage of development, some bugs should be expected.

Core framework additions also include a virtual on-screen keyboard and the MeeGo Touch Framework, designed to make touchscreen app development easier, as well as Wi-Fi support and a phone simulator. The OS can be installed on both Intel Atom and ARM-based handsets, including devices such as the Nokia N900.

Details for downloading and installing the Nokia N900 image file can be found on the Nokia Developer website.

This release is being "actively developed as MeeGo 1.1" and is scheduled for release in October this year, according to a MeeGo spokesperson. Pictures and a brief video walkthrough of version are available to view online.

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