Meet the hotel that offers iPhones to guests

Forget cord telephones; one boutique hotel now offers iPhones to their guests.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Forget cord telephones and arguably obsolete wireless equivalents; one boutique hotel now offers iPhones to their guests.

The bold move to update the technology available to guests during their stay, in the same manner as the UK hotel now offering Kindle bibles, has been undertaken by the Opus hotel in Vancouver.

Situated in the trendy Yaletown district, the boutique hotel is currently in the process of making an iPhone alternative available in rooms -- replacing wireless phones as they go.

The logic behind the investment required? The hotel owners figure that guests will be able to understand and use the phones, and will appreciate being able to eliminate data and call roaming charges. For frequent business travellers, this idea may be particularly attractive.

Guests are able to take the phones away from the hotel rooms, naturally, and can use them throughout the duration of their stay. Internet access is available on the iPhones, and local calls are complimentary. The iPhones are programmed with single-tap contacts for the hotel's departments – including the concierge, room service and housekeeping.

Once a guest checks out, each phone is wiped by an application the hotel utilizes; in order to try and ensure privacy and security is maintained. Nicholas Gandossi, Opus Vancouver's general manager said:

"Technology is a way of life today, not just a perk, and that holds true even while traveling."

So, cater to this demand, and keep your customers coming. As the hotel became the first in Canada to offer an iPad 2 in every room this March, the idea of upgrading the technology available to guests seems to be working well.

Image credit: Matthew Pearce

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