Meet your robot caretaker

With the help of the HOSPI-Rimo robot, caregivers may be able to provide a new level of caregiving for elderly patients.
Written by Stacy Lipson, Contributor

"Don't forget your coat, mom." You don't want to admit that your parent is getting old. Perhaps even a bit forgetful. You know you could use an extra pair of hands, but the cost of hiring a night nurse could quickly drain your budget.

You may have one more option to choose from with Panasonic's release of the HOSPI-Rimo robot.

According to a statement:

HOSPI-Rimo serves as an intermediary to enable comfortable communication between people who are bed ridden or have limited mobility to communicate with other people, for example, their attending doctor in a separate room in the hospital or friends who live far away, as if they were interacting face to face. Panasonic developed “HOSPI” automatic medication delivery robot, which is used in hospitals in Japan and other countries. HOSPI-Rimo employs HOSPI’s autonomous mobility technology and high-definition visual communications technology Panasonic is renowned for.

Darren Quick at Gizmag reports:

Panasonic's "HOSPI" automatic medication delivery robot has already made it into hospitals in Japan and other countries where it is used to sort and transport medications to nurse stations.

HOSPI-Rimo robot will be presented at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition in October. The exhibit will take place in Tokyo.

Image: via Panasonic press release

via Gizmag

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Would you use a robot like HOSPI? Do you think this robot could help in the caregiving process? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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