​Megaport CEO hands over chief role to COO Vincent English

Denver Maddux will stay with Megaport as a strategic advisor to the board.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

Megaport has announced that chief executive officer Denver Maddux has tendered his resignation and will be leaving the Australian interconnection services provider after two years in the CEO role.

As of March 31, 2017, Maddux will continue to be involved with Megaport in his capacity as a strategic advisor to the board and will have his salary continue through to April 2018.

Filling Maddux's position will be Vincent English, who vacates the group chief operating officer and deputy chief executive officer roles he has been in since January last year.

English joined Megaport in June 2015 when he began his tenure as the company's chief financial officer.

In addition to his knowledge of the Australian-listed organisation, Megaport founder and chairman Bevan Slattery said English has been heavily involved in the deployment and integration of the Megaport system with each of the company's major global strategic partners.

Slattery touted Maddux's efforts over the past two years as laying the foundations for Megaport to reach its vision of becoming the global leader of the "rapidly developing market for elastic connectivity". He also said that English is the right person to lead the business over the next stage of its development.

For the last quarter of calendar 2016, Megaport posted revenue of AU$2.51 million -- up 39 percent quarter on quarter -- thanks to its acquisitions and growth throughout the period.

Megaport spent AU$3.7 million on staff costs during the quarter, AU$393,000 more than the previous quarter due to its expansion into additional areas requiring more staff members.

As of the end of December, Megaport had 1,479 ports, 2,768 total services, 141 datacentres, and 621 customers in 19 countries. Of its 141 datacentres, it has 45 in APAC, 39 in North America, and 57 in Europe.

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