Metalogix liberates SharePoint and Exchange data

SharePoint and Exchange are complex, quite flexible products that are in use by many organizations. Liberating the content stored in these products to allow some or all of it to be hosted in a service provider's data center can be challenging. Metalogix says they have got that covered.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

Representatives of Metalogix stopped by to introduce me to their products which are designed to migrate, synchronize, store, archive, govern and backup Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange data. Their goal is helping organizations host their non-structured data in the most efficient place, regardless of whether that is in their own data center, in the data center of a cloud service provider or some combination of the two. The central focus of our discussion was a new product helping organizations move some or all of their data to Amazon Web Services (AWS)-based Email and content sharing solutions as well as Metalogix's Total Email Management services.

SharePoint and Exchange are both complex product. While the multiplicity of setting and options makes it possible to adjust their operations to address an organization's requirements, it also makes it difficult for organizations to pick up and move their data to take advantage of cloud service offerings or to migrate some or all of their data to different on-premise solutions.

Metalogix pointed out that their products address the requirements IT decision-makers have to maintain tight management control of their content, security for that content and support a mirrored environment for higher levels of reliability.

We discussed some of their successful client installations and how their customers have been able to take advantage of both hosted SharePoint and Exchange services and services offered by Google and Zimbra. I asked if they had run across my old Alma Mater, Open-Xchange and was surprised that they had never heard of either the software or the Open-Xchange based service offerings made by a number of service providers.

If your organization relies on Microsoft's tools and is considering how to utilize cloud services, talking with Metalogix could quite helpful.

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