Microsoft adds a 256 GB Surface Pro to its line up

Microsoft is starting to roll out 256 GB versions of its Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrids, starting with Japan in June.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft will begin selling the first of its Surface Pro tablet/PC hybrids with a 256 GB model, starting on June 7 in Japan.


Liveside.net reported on May 29 about the new 256 GB model of the Surface Pro, which will sell for 119,800 yen, tax included ($1,170). There also will be a 128 GB Surface Pro model introduced in Japan for 99,800 yen, tax included ($975). There won't be a 64 GB version introduced in Japan, LiveSide noted.

According to a Microsoft Japan press release, the 256 GB version of the Pro will be sold in other unspecified countries as well. I asked Microsoft for details on additional countries and the target launch dates, but no word back so far.

Update: A Surface spokesperson responded with the following statement: "We are excited at the tremendous response to the upcoming Surface Pro availability in Japan. With regard to future markets and other details, we have nothing to share at this time."


Microsoft is also making available in Japan several unique cover designs, a Microsoft Japan-provided screenshot of which is included, at right.

Microsoft plans to sell the Surface Pro in Japan through its own online store, as well as via a number of retailers, including 100 full and bolts Edion Corp., K's Denki Group, Bic Camera Co., Yamada Denki Co. and Yodobashi Camera Co.

The two Japanese Surface Pro models will come preloaded with Microsoft's Office Home and Business 2013 suite. Microsoft also introduced a unique/custom version of the Surface Pro for China. In the rest of the world, no version of Office comes preloaded with the Surface Pros, beyond a trial version of Office 365. (Office Home and Student 2013 RT does come with the Surface RTs, however.)

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro in early February 2013. For the first few months after launch, Microsoft had problems with its supply chain for the Pros, especially the more popular 128 GB models.

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