Microsoft adds AI course to its certification program

Microsoft is adding a new paid AI course to its list of certification-program offerings, and it's open to the public.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is adding a new online AI course to its list of Professional Program modules, enabling participants to receive a certificate.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's new Professional Program in AI is open to the public. The new course is aimed at developers looking to expand their AI capabilities as well as anyone interested in general AI education.The AI track includes 10 required courses which take between eight and 16 hours per course. Technologies covered in the AI courses include Python, math/statistics, ethics, data analysis, Azure Machine Learning, computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition.

Those completing the course receive a digitally-sharable Microsoft Professional Program Certificate in Artificial Intelligence.

The courses aren't free. Participants need to buy certificates from edX.org for each course. However. Microsoft also allows those interested to sign up and audit them for free, but they won't get the completion credit if they do this. More specifics are available via the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site.

The new AI program is one of several tracks offered under the Microsoft Professional Program name. Others include Big Data, Cloud Administration, Data Science, Front End Web Development, IT Support, DevOps and more.

When Microsoft originally announced its plans for these types of courses in 2016, the program was known as the "Microsoft Professional Degree" program.

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