Microsoft adds iOS support to its Azure for Mobile Services preview

Microsoft is making it easire for not just Windows 8, but also iPad and iPhone users to develop apps that make use of its Azure cloud on the back end.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

In August, Microsoft rolled out a preview test build of its Azure for Mobile Services, its successor to its Azure mobile toolkits. On October 16, Microsoft refreshed the Azure for Mobile preview with a number of new features, plus support for iPhone and iPad.


Azure Mobile Services aims to make it easier for developers to store structured data in the cloud, integrate it with user authentication, and send out updates to clients via push notifications. The Azure Mobile Services preview started with support for Windows 8, with promises of future support for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices "soon."

Here's what's new in the updated preview of Azure Mobile Services, as blogged by Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President:

  • iOS support – enabling you to connect iPhone and iPad apps to Mobile Services
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Google authentication support with Mobile Services
  • Blob, Table, Queue, and Service Bus support from within your Mobile Service
  • Sending emails from your Mobile Service (in partnership with SendGrid)
  • Sending SMS messages from your Mobile Service (in partnership with Twilio)
  • Ability to deploy mobile services in the West U.S. region

All of these improvements are now live in production and available to start using immediately, Guthrie noted. More new features, including .NET 4.5 support for Windows Azure Web Sites, are set to be added to the Azure for Mobile Services preview later this week, Guthrie added.

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