Microsoft appoints Scott Guthrie new Cloud & Enterprise chief

ScottGu, the red-shirted Azure development lead, is the new head of Microsoft's Cloud & Enterprise division.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Who will succeed Satya Nadella as Microsoft's Cloud & Enterprise chief?


The answer to this question -- to which I was asked numerous times today following the announcement that Microsoft's new CEO will be Satya Nadella, who was head of Cloud & Enterprise -- is Scott Guthrie.

Yes. The red-shirted ScottGu is, for now, the "interim" Cloud & Enterprise Executive Vice President at Microsoft. I hear he's likely to be made the permanent one, as well, though no one is saying that in any official capacity for now.

Microsoft announced internally Guthrie's promotion on February 4, according to a company spokesperson.

Guthrie is a familiar figure to those who've followed Microsoft developer and cloud history.

Guthrie, known for wearing red polo shirts during his public Microsoft speaking appearances, moved from being the Corporate Vice President of the .Net platform in the Developer Division, to head the Azure Application Platform team in the Business Platform Division in May 2011. He has been a major advocate for developers and has made a priority integrating open-source tools and technologies into the Microsoft stack.

Nadella had quite a few direct reports, in addition to Guthrie, who was the Corporate Vice President of Azure Program Management, as a result of various reorgs. Among them were: Bill Laing, who was the Corporate Vice President (CVP) of Development for Windows and System Center; Brad Anderson, CVP of Program Management; Jason Zander CVP of Development for Windows Azure; Quentin Clark, CVP of Program Management for Microsoft's former Data Platform Group; Dave Campbell, who became the CTO of Microsoft's former Server & Tools division; and Jason Wilcox, the Corporate Vice President in charge of Test.

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