Microsoft brings 'Known Folder Migration' feature to OneDrive consumer users

Microsoft is adding a new option to OneDrive consumer to encourage Windows users to automatically back up their Documents, Pictures and Desktop folders to the cloud.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

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In late June, Microsoft announced a OneDrive for Business feature designed to help migrate local data off Windows PCs. At that time, company officials hinted this would be coming to OneDrive consumer, as well.

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Today's the day. On August 15, Microsoft officially made "Known Folder Migration" available for OneDrive consumer, according to an update in its support documentation, noted by The Verge.

OneDrive Known Folder Migration can automatically back up Windows 7, 8 and 10 Documents Pictures and Desktop folders. No Outlook .PST files or OneNote files not already stored in OneDrive can be backed up this way, Microsoft's documentation notes.

Microsoft's pitch to IT Pros with Known Folder Migration was to get user data off local PCs and stored in the cloud. For consumers, Microsoft's pitch is somewhat different, even though the functionality is the same.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Users who enable this feature -- either by follwing a prompt from Microsoft or manually by going into OneDrive settings, then More, then Settings and ultimately going to the Auto Save tab -- will be able to keep their information in sync better than if they store it locally and (possibly) sync it to OneDrive later.

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Microsoft also notes that files store in OneDrive consumer are protected against potential ransomware attacks.

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