Microsoft brings Version History support to all files in OneDrive

Microsoft is adding version history support for all OneDrive files, but has no new ETA for its promised OneDrive differential sync capability.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft is starting to roll out one of the most requested OneDrive cloud-storage features: Version History support for all types of files, not just Office files.


The Version History support for all OneDrive files will be available to all OneDrive.com users by this summer, according to a Microsoft July 19 blog post.

Currently, OneDrive provides version history for Office files only. This allows users to restore old parts of a possibly corrupted or accidentally edited document or file.

But in the not-too-distant future, this feature will also work on other types of files, like PDFs, CAD files, photos, and videos. This means users will be able to restore or download a good copy of their files for 30 days.

Sorry to put a quick end to that feel-good moment, but the OneDrive news isn't all positive today.

Another top-requested feature for OneDrive -- differential sync -- has missed its promised due date and has no new arrival target.

Microsoft's director of program management for OneDrive and SharePoint, Omar Shahine, acknowledged today on Twitter that full differential sync didn't and will not arrive when promised on the latest OneDrive roadmap.

I blogged in February this year that Microsoft had committed on a recent OneDrive roadmap to providing differential sync by the end of the second calendar quarter of 2017.

But in response to a question from @BrokenCanoe today on Twitter about the whereabouts of that feature, Shahine said, "Still working on it. That roadmap was an error."

I asked Shahine for an update on the timing and was told "our latest is on User Voice." In 2014, Microsoft officials said differential sync for OneDrive was a "thinking about it" feature. But there's been no update there since as to when and if it might be delivered.

Shahine did note on Twitter today that Microsoft does have differential sync for Office files currently. Differential sync is the ability to sync only the parts of files that had changed, not entire files.

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