Microsoft buys cloud-based 5G services vendor Affirmed Networks

Microsoft is continuing its push to work with telcos on managing 5G workloads from the cloud with its latest acquisition of Affirmed Networks.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Affirmed Networks

Microsoft has purchased Affirmed Networks Inc., a Acton, Mass.-based vendor of cloud-based mobile network solutions for an undisclosed amount. Microsoft is positioning the acquisition as part of its strategy to work with telecommunications vendors who are increasingly managing their network workloads, especially 5G wireless ones, in the cloud.

Microsoft announced its deal to buy Affirmed Networks on March 26.

"We look forward to building on the great work by Affirmed Networks with its leadership in virtualized mobile networks. Bringing this technology and team of experts into Microsoft allows us to extend our cloud offering to operators everywhere as they increasingly look to run their networks in a hybrid environment. We're excited about our future together where carriers will be able to better leverage Microsoft's cloud to improve overall profitability and create new revenue streams," said Yousef Khalidi, Corporate Vice President of Azure Networking, in a blog post about the arrangement.

Microsoft has been working with a number of telcos on integrating edge computing capabilities with 5G networks and Azure cloud services. AT&T is one of Microsoft's biggest partners in the 5G space.

Microsoft rival AWS is also targeting 5G. In fact, last fall, Affirmed Networks demonstrated its UnityCloud 5G Core Solution running on AWS.

"Affirmed is now able to deliver the world's most effective, cloud-native 5GC network solution over the proven, robust AWS cloud services," said company officials in a press release.

Affirmed Networks sells its solutions to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) which are interested in selling 5G services like mobile broadband, IoT, WiFi roaming, connected cars and more.

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