Microsoft commits to delivering Windows 8 CRM app by mid-2013

A Windows 8 version of Microsoft's Dynamics CRM client is slated to arrive by mid-2013. Here are some concept shots of what it's likely to look like.

Microsoft will deliver a Windows 8 version of its Dynamics CRM application by mid-2013, company officials said on November 1.

With today's announcement, Microsoft became the third major enterprise software vendor -- alongside SAP and Workday -- to commit to building a Metro-Style/Windows Store application for Windows 8 this week. (Neither SAP nor Workday committed to a delivery timeframe for their coming apps, as far as I know.)

Microsoft officials earlier this year shared some concept shots of what a Windows 8 version of one of its Dynamics AX ERP application might look like. Buried inside some documentation was a tentative delivery date of 2013/2014 for such a product.

On November 1, the Softies shared more screen shots, but this time of the coming Dynamics CRM client app for Windows 8. Here's a mock-up of the sales dashboard:


Here's a look at how the sales-development process on a Windows 8 version of Dynamics CRM might appear to users:


Windows 8 users will be able to view their contracts and social feeds in new ways with a Metro-style approach:


Though these are only concept shots, it's interesting to see that Microsoft is further along in bringing Windows 8 versions of its enterprise apps to market than many expected. So far, the Softies have been pushing Windows 8 as a very consumer-centric product. The 10,000 or so Windows Store applications that currently exist (according to estimates by reflect this focus, with the majority being games, entertainment and other consumer-style apps. Business apps for Windows 8 are still few and far between.


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