Microsoft confirms Windows 11 printer problem, says a fix is coming

A Windows 11 bug might prevent print jobs unless the user has admin credentials. A fix is due in late October.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Microsoft has confirmed that a bug is affecting Windows 11, which might demand admin credentials in order to print jobs if the print server and print client are in different time zones.    

The issue might cause Windows to prompt the would-be printer for administrative credentials on every attempt to print in that scenario. This issue is likely to be more specific to enterprise environments, given the conditions required for Windows to trigger the credential prompt – but it could be somewhat inconvenient.

"The affected environments described in this issue are not commonly used by devices designed for home use. The printing environments affected by this issue are more commonly found in enterprises and organizations," Microsoft notes in its Windows release health known issues section

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Microsoft this month confirmed three separate printing issues affecting all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 11. However, Microsoft resolved them, as well as the admin credential issue, in Windows 10 with patches in the October Patch Tuesday. 

For Windows 11, Microsoft says a resolution to the print admin credential issue should come in "late October".

Other open Windows 11 flaws also involve printing. One causes these devices to fail to download necessary printer drivers when first connected to a network printer. Another bug means that custom print properties on a server might not be correctly provided to clients. And another might prevent the proper installation of printers using Internet Printing Protocol. 

Windows 10 has been affected by several major printer bugs in recent months, including the recently disclosed critical PrintNightmare bugs, which were fixed in July and August. 

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