Microsoft delays Dynamics CRM mobile support for iPad, Android until Q4 2012

In a blog post that largely slipped under the radar, Microsoft officials have acknowledged planned cross-platform, cross-browser support for Dynamics CRM has slipped.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has delayed its cross-platform Dynamics CRM mobile client support from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012.


In February, Microsoft announced plans to make mobile versions of its CRM client available for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone devices as part of its Q2 2012 service updates. Back in February, Microsoft was expecting to provide all these clients from their respective marketplaces some time between April and May 2012.
It's now July. The CRM team revealed in a July 6 blog post that received little public notice that the cross-platform updates have slipped until later this year. The new plan is to make these clients available as part of the Q4 2012 service updates for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
From the post:
"After listening to the feedback from our customers and partners we are delaying availability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mobile and cross-browser support. These were previously scheduled to be delivered in the Q2 2012 Service Update, and we now plan to deliver them in the service update scheduled for Q4 2012.
"At the heart of the Q4 release we are focused on delivering a more compelling customer experience in mobile and cross browser. A Q4 2012 Service Update Release Preview Guide detailing the new capabilities and interface will be published this summer."

The post added that Microsoft is not delaying any planned Q4 CRM deliverables as a result of pushing back the mobile/cross-platform support from the Q2 updates.

In addition to adding mobile support to its platform, Microsoft also will be stepping up its cross-browser support for Dynamics CRM users. With the Q4 update, users will have a choice of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari running on PCs, Macs and iPads. Here's a chart showing which versions will be supported on which platforms:


The coming Dynamics CRM mobile clients/service will start at $30 per user, per month and supports the use of up to three devices per user.

Microsoft officials said last year that the company planned to deliver quarterly updates (two major/two minor) to both its on-premises Dynamics CRM product and its hosted CRM Online one.

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