Microsoft delivers December updates and fixes across its Surface tablets

Microsoft is making available a variety of fixes and updates across its family of Surface devices as part of this month's Patch Tuesday.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

December 10 is Patch Tuesday, which means Microsoft is making available a number of updates across its Surface family of devices.


All four models of Surfaces -- The ARM-based Surface RT (now known as plain-old Surface) and Surface 2, as well as the Intel-based Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 -- are getting a variety of patches and fixes.

Here's the list:

Surface (RT) running either Windows RT 8.0 or Windows RT 8.1:

  • Surface Home Button Driver update to optimize available system memory
  • Surface Type Cover audio device driver update to enhance trackpad sounds for Type Cover 2

Surface 2 running Windows RT 8.1:

  • Fix for screen dimming during CPU intensive operations resolved
  • Decreased charge time for batteries resolved
  • Two-finger trackpad use optimized
  • Update to support additional external displays
  • Skype video quality improved
  • Resolved delay during restart when Bluetooth devices are connected

Surface Pro running Windows 8.0:

No updates this month (according to Microsoft's Surface Pro History site)

Surface Pro running Windows 8.1:

Wi-Fi driver (v14.69.24047.156) update for improved wireless display experience

Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1:

  • Update for improved system stability, including when minimizing full screen games
  • Updated Wi-Fi driver for improved wireless display and connectivity with wireless access points
  • Improved Surface Cover interaction including power-saving sleep functionality
  • Color fidelity improvements for all applications
  • Optimized two-finger trackpad use
  • Enhanced audio experience when connected to a Display Port 1.2 device

I've heard from some Surface Pro users that they've been having problems with spontaneous reboots after upgrading to Windows 8.1. There are a couple of threads on Microsoft's Answers site about this. I've been asking Microsoft officials for the past week or so when and if this issue would be resolved, but received no word back.

I'm also hoping, as a Surface RT user, that Microsoft will bring some of the fixes it made this month to us first-generation device users. I sure could use the Bluetooth-delay fix, plus, of course, anything that might extend battery life beyond the roughly five- to six-hour amount I routinely get in using my device ocassionally (rather than in constant video-loop mode).

Microsoft offers step-by-step directions for those who want to install the Surface updates immediately once they are available (around 1 p.m. ET today, or so) on all of its Surface Update History sites.

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