Microsoft delivers developer kit for linking Amazon web services to Windows Phone

Microsoft has released under an open-source license a beta of a toolkit for integrating Amazon Web services with Windows Phone.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft rolled out a beta of its Amazon Web Services (AWS) software development kit (SDK) for Windows Phone.

"This SDK provides developers with a speed dial that lets them quickly connect and integrate Windows Phone applications with AWS (S3, SimpleDB, and SQS Cloud Services)," according to a January 30 20 "Interoperability @ Microsoft" blog post.

Developers can download the SDK, along with the source code, covered by the Apache open-source license.

Microsoft has been looking to win mobile developers over to its own cloud platform, Windows Azure, with  Azure toolkits for Windows Phone, iOS and Android. While the Amazon SDK for Windows Phone offers developers a non-Microsoft cloud-storage option, Micrrosoft's ultimate goal seems to be to get them to bring their mobile apps to Windows Phone.

From today's post:

"For developers familiar with AWS, whether they’ve been developing for Android, iOS or any other technology, this SDK will allow them to comfortably port their applications to the Windows Phone Platform."

I've asked whether Microsoft has a target final availability date for the AWS SDK. No word back so far.

In other cloud-related news, it sounds like Microsoft may be pulling back from its commitment to provide Hyper_v on the OpenStack cloud platform.

"It appears ... that the folks in Redmond have lost interest in giving its customers support for using Windows Server Hyper-V to deploy OpenStack," ReadWriteWeb wrote in a January 30 article. The Softies seem to moving ahead with support for OpenNebula with Hyper-V, however, as ReadWriteWeb noted.

I asked Microsoft for comment on ReadWriteWeb's report and have received no word back today.

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