Microsoft delivers redesigned Skype 6.0 apps for Android, iOS

Microsoft is rolling out redesigned versions of Skype for iPhones, iPads and Android phones.

Microsoft is rolling out newly redesigned versions of Skype for Android and iOS.


The Skype 6.0 for Android release is rolling out today, September 3. And the Skype 6.0 for iPhones and iPads is already available now, according to a new Microsoft blog post.

The Skype 6.0 for Android release has been redesigned in a way inspired by Material Design and made easier to use on Android phones, Microsoft execs said. There's a new floating action button, improved search and enhancements to messaging to make it easier to see which messages users have read and haven't.

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Skype 6.0 for iPhone and iPad also has been redesigned, officials said. The new navigation controls are meant to get users to their conversations faster. Swipe gestures can be used to make calls and manage messages.

Microsoft execs said the new version for iOS also makes it easier to share photos, web links and emoticons while on voice or video calls, as well as easier to find things using search.

The new 6.0 version of Skype for iPhone is available in the Apple iTunes store, as is Skype 6.0 for iPad. The 6.0 version of Skype for Android phones is available from the Google Play Store. All of these apps are free.

Microsoft also is working on new Skype apps for Windows 10 Mobile, as Microsoft officials have said previously, but today's blog post offers nothing new in terms of when testers and users will get to see the coming app or apps officially.