Microsoft denies extending Windows XP support for China

Reports on Monday that Microsoft has extended support for Windows XP in China are incorrect.
Written by Larry Seltzer, Contributor

On Monday, Microsoft China made statements on a Chinese social network that have been misinterpreted in reports in the West. Microsoft in Redmond told ZDNet that they are not extending support for Windows XP in China.

Microsoft translates the actual language used in the post as:

Microsoft China has taken special actions to closely work with leading Chinese internet security and anti-virus companies including Tencent for them to provide security protection for Chinese Windows XP users before they upgrade to modern operating system.

This policy is no different from what will be happening in other countries. Other companies, including security software companies, will be continuing to support Windows XP after Microsoft's end of support on April 8. That does not change Microsoft's policy for their support ending on April 8.

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