Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing to start at $50 per user per month for Business Edition

New details on the likely pricing and licensing plans for Microsoft's Dynamics 365 cloud bundle are starting to leak.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft has yet to officially launch its Dynamics 365 offering, but pricing and licensing details are leaking early.

Dynamics 365 is a new Microsoft ERP/CRM bundle hosted on Azure. It includes Dynamics AX, CRM Online, and a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) financials offering from Microsoft, known as Project Madeira. At its heart, Dynamics 365 features a Common Data Model, a database of common business entities.

As previously reported, Microsoft is planning to offer a variety of ways to license the coming Dynamics 365 bundle. Users can mix and match modules or will be able to take advantage of different Enterprise and Business edition bundles.

A Microsoft partner posted details of what users can expect on the Dynamics 365 pricing and licensing fronts on Sept. 12. (The post is no longer there. It was, however, retained in my RSS feed.)

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The Business edition of Dynamics 365 is aimed at companies with between 10 and 250 employees. The Enterprise edition is for those with 250-plus employees. The Dynamics 365 Business edition includes Financials, Sales, and Marketing modules. Only the Financials module, codenamed Project Madeira, will be available later this calendar year; the other two modules are coming next year.

The Enterprise edition includes Operations, Field Service, Project Service, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service modules.

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There will be two Business Edition licensing options, according to the posted information, which will cost $50 per user per month. For that price, users will get Financials, Sales, Marketing, and PowerApps. (PowerApps is Microsoft's business-app development service.) The Team Members Business Edition, for light users, will be $5 per user per month.

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There will be four options for licensing Dynamics 365 Enterprise, according to the original posting: One module at a time (which costs between $40 to $190 per user per month, depending on module); Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition (Plan 1), for $115 per user per month; Enterprise Edition (Plan 2), which adds Operations, for $210 per user per month; and Dynamics 365 for Team Members Enterprise Edition for "light" users" for $10 per user per month.

As the original post noted, these prices do not reflect possible volume discounts or on-premises/online usage rights.

I asked Microsoft if it would verify the pricing and licensing information in this post. I have yet to hear back. Update: "At this point, we aren't sharing specific pricing or licensing details or commenting on speculation," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

Microsoft is expected to talk more about Dynamics 365 on Oct. 11 -- if not slightly before -- at its Dynamics User Group Summit events in Florida. This could be the official "launch" event for Dynamics 365, or at least for the Financials piece of the bundle.

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