Microsoft games console linked to AMD

Rumours suggest that X-Box will run on AMD and GigaPixel technology
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

The latest round of rumours surrounding Microsoft's "X-Box" have revealed that the dark-horse gaming console will run on AMD's Athlon processor, with graphics technology from GigaPixel and a version of Windows.

X-Box is Microsoft's alleged entry into the highly-competitive -- and lucrative -- business of video-game consoles. It is a direct competitor to Sega's Dreamcast, released late last year, and Sony's PlayStation2, due for its Japanese debut on 4 March. X-Box is to be unveiled at the Games Developer Conference in the US next month.

Citing unnamed sources, online publisher ITNetwork.com said that X-Box will run on an Athlon processor with graphics technology by GigaPixel, which has arranged for AMD to manufacture the graphics chip. The report also said X-Box will include a hard drive and DVD-ROM player, and will run Windows applications.

GigaPixel, founded in 1997, develops graphics rendering technology and licences its intellectual property to third-party manufacturers. It competes with major electronics companies, such as nVidia and VideoLogic, which provided the graphics chips for the Dreamcast.

AMD was not immediately available for comment.

If true, the X-Box deal would be a coup for AMD, which is in close competition with chip behemoth Intel -- traditionally a staunch Microsoft ally -- for consumer-oriented microprocessors.

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