Microsoft getting closer to delivering OneNote for the iPad?

Microsoft may be getting closer to delivering an iPad-optimized version of OneNote, one of the components of its Office suite.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

There's an updated version of Microsoft's OneNote electronic note-taking application available in the Apple store, as of December 12.

The new 1.3 OneNote update advertises itself as being available for not just for the iPhone, but also the iPad. It seems the iPad version isn't really available yet, despite the wording, however.
Microsoft delivered an iPhone version of OneNote in January 2011. While it worked on the IPad, it wasn't optimized for it.

Microsoft officials have remained mum about when and if they would deliver an iPad-optimized version of OneNote. More recently, there have been rumors circulating that Microsoft plans to roll out some kind of Office suite for the iPad in 2012 -- something the Softies still have not confirmed. OneNote is one component of Microsoft Office.

The new 1.3 update includes general performance and reliability updates, as well as support for Tables in notebooks, according to the blurb on the iTunes store entry. "Microsoft OneNote for iPad is now available; download it from the iTunes App Store," the same blurb says.

Another seeming change with the 1.3 release: The new update is free for up to 500 created/edited notes. After that point, users are advised to move to either the free OneNote Web App (the Webified version of OneNote) or to pay $4.99 for an unlimited version of the OneNote for iPhone app.

I've asked Microsoft officials if and when they expect OneNote for the iPad to be available for download. No word back so far.

(Thanks to PicturePan2 who first reported this news on LiveSino.Net for the tip.)

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