Microsoft give students the finger, once again

Today, Zack writes a short letter to Microsoft, asking why they keep screwing with his head and changing their plans all the time.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Dear Microsoft,

It's like you're toying with me; loving you one day, hating you the next, all in one big consipiracy to make me look like a double-backing idiot. Well this time, Microsoft, you have really pissed me off. I can't seem to write anything about you any more without you changing you plans entirely afterwards, and having to tell my disappointed readers they can't have or do something any more.

God only knows how Mary-Jo copes with the constant disappointing crap you throw at us, like that ex-Russian space monkey at the zoo that throws faeces at everyone who walks by and mentions the Moon.

Sort yourselves out, for crying out loud.

Zack xx

OneCare says goodbye
I wrote about Microsoft Equipt some months ago, and now that people are starting to buy it, they're pulling it from the ranks. They're pulling the product from all shelves, online and offline, but on the plus side, they're allowing subscribers to get a pro-rata subscription refund and they're letting you keep the Office Home & Student edition for free, forever.

OneCare hasn't even close to being dubbed a viable, working anti-virus by many people, competitors and security analysts alike. But nevertheless, this was the first all-round product of which was aimed almost directly at students.

Let's face it though, part of me thinks, "no wonder it's dead", because there are so many parts of Equipt which weren't even paid for. Office Live Workspaces is a free product, the Windows Live suite of tools are completely free, the automatic updates are provided anyway, and for most students, universities offer free anti-virus products so your ram-packed laptop full of porn and malware won't affect the university network. Not only that, with offers like The Ultimate Steal, you can get Office 2007 Ultimate for around about the same price anyway. So what's the point in having Equipt?

Still, another point to Microsoft in the long struggle us mere mortals have with a global superpower. Thoughts anyone?

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