Microsoft in 2010: What do IT managers need to know?

What do IT managers need to know about Microsoft's 2010 enterprise roadmap? That's one of two topics on which I'll be Webcasting on September 24.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

I'm presenting via Webcast on Thursday September 24 as part of Keystone Learning's Smart IT Sessions virtual conference.

My topics are both IT-specific. I'll be providing a roadmap for a number of Microsoft's business products and services that are expected over the next 12 months in the "Microsoft in 2010: What IT Managers Need to Know" session at noon ET. And at 2 p.m. ET, I'm going to be talking about Office 2010 and doing my best to separate the fact and fiction surrounding Microsoft's next Office release.

Hope you can join in for one or both sessions. There are a number of other interesting IT-specific presentations slated for the conference by a variety of Microsoft-savvy speakers that are also worth checking out. Meanwhile, f you're an IT manager and have any topics you'd like to make sure I touch upon in my Webcasts, please e-mail me with your thoughts. Confidentiality is guaranteed (unless you'd prefer a mention, of course).

Meanwhile, speaking of Office, on the latest episode of the "Microbite" podcast, my co-host Gavin Clarke of The Register and I had plenty to say about Microsoft's challenges with Office 2010, Windows Mobile and more. You can listen here to "Ballmer's Last Laugh" (which does not include any actual CEO guffaws, just to be clear)....

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