Microsoft killing off multitasking, Palm's webOS takes US crown

One of the features of Windows Mobile that made it stand out from some others was the ability to multitask any application you wanted to. It looks like that capability is getting killed off in Windows Phone 7 Series as Microsoft may have went a bit too far in copying the iPhone OS.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

One of the main reasons to keep using Windows Mobile devices has been the ability to multitask as much as you want with any applications you want to. However, according to the answers that Mary Jo received about Windows Phone 7 Series it looks like Microsoft is taking a huge step back and matching the iPhone more than Windows Mobile fans will appreciate. Apparently, you will not be able to multitask 3rd party applications and only run those from Microsoft in the background (sounds familiar doesn't it?). Multitasking may be added back after Microsoft verifies things work well first. It looks to me like the new king of multitasking in the US will clearly be Palm and their webOS.

Google Android supports multitasking, but there is a severe limit on the number of applications you can load because they can only be installed into internal memory. The Apple iPhone currently only supports multitasking of their own apps, but there are rumors that iPhone OS 4.0 may support some kind of multitasking (ironic isn't it Microsoft?). BlackBerry supports multitasking, but again apps can only be loaded into internal memory and the BB OS is getting quite dated. Symbian and Maemo both support multitasking and actually do it quite well, but they have no influence on the US market. Palm's webOS supports multitasking with their slick "card" interface and with my Palm Pre Plus I have been able to listen to podcasts with Dr. Podder, check email, surf the web, play games, and more without any issues and multitasking is finally an enjoyable and easy experience.

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