Microsoft launches native OWA apps for iPhone and iPad

OWA for iPhone and iPad are mobile apps that offer the same email, calendar and contact functionality as the Outlook Web App in a browser but with additional features only possible in native apps. But they're only for Office 365 users.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor
OWA for iPad and iPhone - Your upcoming meetings appear on the Calendar tile automatically

Microsoft today announced native Outlook Web Apps (OWA) for iPhone and iPad with the same email, calendar and contact functionality you get in a browser, but with additional features like the ability to organize email, search, schedule meetings, view shared calendars, voice contact search, remote wipe erases, separate passcode, automatic login and contact sync. A subscription to Office 365 and the latest update of Exchange Online is required to use the apps.

Features of OWA for iPhone and iPad include:

  • Organize your email quickly with Conversation View, Mark as Junk, Flag, and Categories
  • Quickly search or browse email in all folders including Outlook Favorites
  • Schedule meetings using attendee free/busy and room finder 
  • View shared calendars including delegate support
  • Use your voice to look up a contact or bring up your schedule
  • Remote wipe erases only your corporate data in OWA for iPhone and leaves your personal data on the device alone 
  • Separate passcode for OWA for iPhone provides an additional layer of security

The new Office 365 (announced in February 2013) and the latest update of Exchange Online, is required to use OWA for iPhone and OWA for iPad. Both apps are available for free from App Store, direct links: OWA for iPhoneOWA for iPad.

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