Microsoft locks naked surfers in hotel room for a week

The naked truth about the Internet will be revealed this week thanks to four loony volunteers who are locking themselves away in a hotel room with only a PC, a bathrobe and credit card to keep them company.
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

The near-naked participants are part of an experiment to find out whether it is possible to survive by Internet alone. Their task will be to feed, clothe, communicate and perform everyday tasks like finding a job using only the Net. Organised by Microsoft's MSN the project will be overseen by Dr Helen Petrie of the University of Hertfordshire

The volunteers -- who responded to an advertisement in the national press -- include a retired fireman from Dunstable as well as an American writer.

The cyber survivalists will be locked away in separate rooms at a location on the Euston road at 10.30am today and will emerge on Friday afternoon after five days of isolation. One of the participants -- Glyn Thomas, a freelance book editor form Middlesex -- is looking forward to "planning his holiday and playing chess online".

Would you lock yourself in a room full of strangers, for a week, for Microsoft? The Mailroom is curious?

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