Microsoft makes available first test build of 'Visual Studio 14'

Microsoft has released a first preview of its its 'Visual Studio 14' development environment, which the company is planning to roll out in calendar 2015.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Microsoft made available for download a first community technology preview of the next release of Visual Studio, codenamed Visual Studio 14, on June 3.


Visual Studio 14 will be available some time in 2015, and there will be a "more complete" preview build and final naming available later in 2014, according to a new blog post by Developer Division chief Soma Somasegar. The first VS'14 CTP is downloadable here.

(Hmm. I thought we were moving away from the confusing number code names with Visual Studio. Supposedly this next version was going to be "Adams." I guess someone voted to postpone going that route? Too bad.)

Anyway, back to features that are part of "VS 14."

Microsoft already said that its "Roslyn" .Net compiler platform, ASP.NET v.Next (codenamed Project K) and supporting Apache Cordova tooling will all be part of the next versio of Visual Studio by the time it ships next year. Microsoft also is continuing to flesh out standards support for Visual C++ in the coming VS release.

With the coming release, the C# and Visual Basic compilers and the integrated development environment are all built on the open-sourced Roslyn "compiler as a service." The preview build includes early coding for the tooling for ASP.NET v.Next and ASP.NET 4.5 Web-application templates.

Microsoft also is simultaneously working on updates for Visual Studio 2013, and recently released a first preview of VS 2013 Update 3.

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