Microsoft makes Notepad a separate Store app starting with new Windows 10 20H1 test build

Microsoft is continuing to make incremental improvements to Windows 10 20H1, due out next year, with test build 18963.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft released on August 16 another Windows 10 20H1 test build to the Fast Ring. Build 18963 includes a handful of minor tweaks and improvements. It also is the first Windows 10 feature release build which makes Notepad a Store-updatable, separate application.

Windows 10 test build 18963 adds GPU temperature monitoring support to Task Manager (but for now, only for this with a dedicated GPU card and up-to-date graphics drivers). The temperature value is only in Celsius right now.

This build also allows users to rename their virtual desktops. It includes some tweaks to the Optional Featuers page in Settings, such as the ability to multi-select, more easily navigate pages and better manage lists. In addition, mouse cursor speed can be set from within Settings. Micrososft also is improving the synchonization of account pictures in Windows as of this build.

Microsoft is adding some minor improvements to Windows Search, including improved spell correction for App and Settings searches and hints to improve best match results. It also is rolling out the new Search Home look and feel -- which provides quick access to top apps and recent activities -- to more Windows 10 users. Now, Windows 10 1903 and 1809 users, both, will be seeing the new Search Home.

Let's get to the big news: Notepad is now Store-updatable. This means future Notepad updates will be available via the Store, so that Microsoft can make fixes and updates outside the twice-yearly Windows 10 feature release cycle. It also means users will be able to uninstall Notepad, though I have no idea why anyone would uninstall the best feature of Windows (at least to this Notepad fan).

Microsoft has slowly been adding incremental features to Notepad, such as an indicator for when there's unsaved content; expanded line-ending support and wrap-around search in the last few Windows 10 feature updates. As long as Microsoft continues to keep Notepad a simple, straightforward text editor which doesn't include a bunch of unnecessary "updates" (3D support? NO!), I'm still all-in. I am really hoping that Microsoft won't junk-up Notepad now that the team can more quickly and easily add new features to it as a standalone app.

There is a list of other fixes and known issues for Build 18963 in Microsoft's blog post about its release. The coming cloud-download recovery option for all Windows 10 PCs still is not working quite yet with this build, officials noted.

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